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SSC Napoli VS FC Porto



No Goal before 29:00

SSC Napoli VS FC Porto match analysis

The first game confirmed my expectations regarding number of goals. These teams are of equal quality, and the stake is high, so their cautious approach to the game is quite realistic. We saw only one goal in the first leg, which was scored in the second half. Result 1-0 requires special tactics of both teams, defending and attacking, because of visiting goal rule. Porto will look for their chance on the counterattacks, which means they will have a defensive approach to the game. An early goal is the main aim of the host, but it will not be easy because Portuguese team knows how to defend itself. Even in the game in Eintracht, where the final score was 3-3, the first goal was scored in the 37th minutes. On the other hand, Napoli scored very quickly their first goal against Swansea, but I think we all know that there is a difference in the quality between the English team and the former European champion from Portugal. Therefore, I believe that we will not see a goal before 29:00 in this game.
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