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Real Madrid VS FC Barcelona match analysis

El Clasico is one of the biggest derbies in the world, and today's clash is probably the most important one at this point, since the outcome might decide the championship of Spain. Barcelona has been dominant in Spanish football in recent years, but things look different in this season, not only because of the fact that Real has showed better performances than Barcelona, but also because of involving Atletico Madrid in the race for the title.Due to that fact, the outcome of today's match between Real Madrid and Barcelona might be to the detriment of these two clubs in favor Atetico, since in the case of a draw or Barcelona's victory Atletico Madrid might even be sitting on the leading position on the standings.On the other hand, if Real wins, they will retain their leading position with an increased chance of winning the title. Such an outcome would have knocked Barcelona out of the race and further left two Madrid's clubs in competition. Therefore, these two rivals will have a winning aim in today's clash. It is needless to talk about quality of these teams. Given their effectiveness, motivation and previous tradition, we can expect at least three goals in this game.
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