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1. FC Saarbrücken VS MSV Duisburg


DE Germany


0/Home Team

1. FC Saarbrücken VS MSV Duisburg match analysis

Saarbrucken's victory, 2-0 over Hansa Rostock, in the last round might be a major turning point in the struggle for survival of the club in the league. This victory has been particularly significant as it was achieved after three consecutive defeats without a goal scored and confirmed in that way a rule of German football that you must never write off a team from any competition. They are now six points deep in the relegation zone, but if they won today they would have a chance to compensate a backlog for the safe zone in the remaining seven rounds. Taking into account that only Unterhaching has been weaker host than them, it will be difficult, but the possibility still exists. This option increases with knowledge that they have won three of their last four games at home. Duisburg has tied two games, but this team does not have a specific goal in continuing the championship, since higher rank is elusive, and the relegation zone is far enough. Therefore, counting on home ground and a strong motive of the host, I take this bet.
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