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Athletic Bilbao VS CF Malaga


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Athletic Bilbao VS CF Malaga match analysis

I have no doubt about winner of this match, but offer for the final outcome is non-profitable. Therefore, I have considered other real options, and it seems to me that this bet is the best among the others. The main aim of Atlethic Bilbao is to keep the fourth place in the standings because it leads to the Champions League qualification. They are the fourth best host, with 11 victories, three draws and two defeats. However, Malaga has been quite good visitor, with four victories, six draws and six defeats. They have probably solved the relegation issue, but it does not mean that they are without ambitions in this game. They scored a goal in four of the previous five games away from home, while Athletic Bilbao received at least one goal in six of their previous eight games at home. Both teams have problems with injuries of defenders, so that all of these circumstances indicate that goals should be seen at both sides.
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