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FC Bayern München VS Real Madrid



Bayern Munich Over 75

FC Bayern München VS Real Madrid match analysis

This is one of the biggest derby of European football, and both teams are hoping for passage to the final. Bayern were relying on a great attack, Real on disciplined defense, although the Spanish club has the most efficient team in the Champions League this season. Unlike the first leg when coaches had staffing problems to some extent, it is expected that all players who have worn the play of the two teams this season will be on the field tonight. Bayern will host the Spanish team in the Champions League for the 15th time. They have scored at least one goal in all 15 games, but they themselves have conceded a goal in 13 games, and perhaps it is the fact that concerns them the most tonight. Both teams have great attacks, and we saw Bayern's strong attacks from the first minute in the first leg. Bayern was dominant in Madrid, and they must be also dominant team tonight, especially because they have a backlog of one goal. Therefore, I expect a high level of their performance (final score, goals, corners...).
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