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Golden State Warriors

Golden State Warriors VS Los Angeles Clippers match analysis

Only one sentence could be enough to explain this bet: Los Angeles Clippers has won only three times at the Oracle Arena in the previous seven season. It happened the last time a week ago, when the Clippers won with the score 98-96 in their third encounter within previous four games against each other at the Oracle Arena this season. The Clippers lead series 3-2, so the Warriors will not allow them to end this playoffs series at their hall. I do not think that Game 5 will happen again when Stephen Curry had even eight turnovers. Not at the Arena. The Clippers are a great team that have trapped Curry off those high screen sets, but it cannot be decisive fact in every game against the Warriors, because there are various possibilities of using other players for scoring. The absence of center Andrew Bogut is more important obstacle as the Warriors were ninth-best team of the NBA in rebounding percentage during the regular season. However, they will be able to find the best solution of outplaying the Clippers, like that one in the fourth quarter of Game 4.
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