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Ireland Republic VS Portugal


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Ireland Republic VS Portugal match analysis

This match is the last test for Portugal before the start of the World Cup, and it plays on neutral ground, at MetLife Stadium in New York. It seems to me that the term is bad for the squad of Portugal, since only a few days are left by the first official match of the World Cup, and this match against Ireland may not be so friendly. Team Ireland play pretty aggressively, and there is a risk for players of Portugal of injury, which would be tragic at this time. Since the artificial grass is on the pitch of stadium, overlay with natural grass will be placed there only for this match, but the question is how this will affect the movement of players on the pitch. It is still unclear whether Cristiano Ronaldo has recovered from injury and the referees will probably be tasked to protect him. Therefore, total cards line for this match is surprisingly small, so I suggest this bet.
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