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Bosnia-Herzegovina VS Iran



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Bosnia-Herzegovina VS Iran match analysis

Bosnia and Herzegovina is ending its first participation at the World Cup without placement in the knockout phase, due to errors of referees in the match against Nigeria. Such a denouement of the group stage is disappointing for this great team, which was one of the most efficient teams during qualifying for this World Cup. They certainly have a motive to win at least one point at the championship, but the question is of what kind of mood they are awaiting their last game. On the other hand, Iran is too boring for watching, but their defensive orientation has put them in a better position than offense-oriented Bosnia and Herzegovina, so Iran could achieve a placement in the next round, although they have not yet scored a single goal. However, they have not conceded a single goal as well, so they will probably apply the same recipe in this game, but they will have to find a way to score at least one goal, because it is the only way winning three points, without which there is no placement in further phase of the competition. With a little luck and a bad mood of the Bosnia and Herzegovina team, Iran can achieve a minimum win.
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