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Cleveland Cavaliers VS New York Knicks




Cleveland Cavaliers VS New York Knicks match analysis

Main focus on this game will be championship ceremony and Cavaliers will recieve rings. I think they will not be so focused on game, defence and i think we can expect very tough game. Melo is allways big Lebrons rival and Knicks aquisition this summer, Yoakim Noah in recent interviews heat up atmosphere against lebron and Cavaliers saying that he cant stand them. Is too big odd on Knicks for this game, over 5 and that is not realistic to me. Knicks are gonna be for sure in playoff this season and they have very good team with Rose Anthony Noah Jennings and others... I dont wonna try with Knicks win but i think is going to be under 10 points victory margin. Lebron and Cavaliers have problems with opening games. Last season they lose against Chicago (Rose), and two years ago they lose against Knicks on Lebrons first game for cavaliers after returning back.
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