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Online betting has been around for well over 15 years but in the last 5 years is when the online betting industry has exploded. Now all types of gambling companies are getting involved and you can now find land based bookies such asLadbrokesPaddy PowerWilliam Hill ReviewBet365 and more that have taken their sporsbetting expertise into the realm of online betting.

So is it better to be online or go to the shop? Let's look at the pros and cons of each and our conclusion shouldn't come as any surprise that maybe online sportsbetting is the future of betting.

Pros of betting online

It can be done from anywhere in the world at any time. You don't have to rely on being near a betting shop to place a bet. Imagine if you're at the game and you want to bet, your only chance is with a phone to do mobile betting or if your phone has a web browser you could login to your online sportsbetting account and place a bet on the spot. If you like betting at Ladbrokes but the nearest store is William Hill Review then you're stuck with Will Hill just because of your location.

More competition means more player rewards

These sportsbooks know you can leave and join another online book easily so they must be competitive. They don't have to pay for rent in a betting shop and are around whenever you are. They know that there are more than just UK sportsbooks available for any type of sport you want to bet on. This means that players who like to bet on sports can demand more from their bookies. These competitive rewards come in the form of signup bonuses to get you to join. On top of this because these online betting sites can handle more players this means they can do even bigger contests and betting competitions. This is something you simply won't see in any landbased betting shop.

Since we live in an era of free world trade this means books from other countries can compete for your business and for UK residents it puts more pressure on the UK books to offer fair prices on the games and also to give more back to the players to provide more value.

The fact of the matter is if you live near William Hill Review and you are a regular customer they know they don't have to worry about you betting at another shop if the next store is another 10 minute walk away. However if a Bet365 shop opens across the street then expect a welcoming call from Will Hill with a special promotion if they notice you have stopped betting recently, most likely due to the increased player options.

Fully tracked betting

With online betting you don't have to keep a betting slip with you as your bets are tracked on the system and can be emailed to you as well. This reduces the risk of winning a big parlay and then searching your pockets wondering what you did with your betting slip. If you have ever lost a lottery ticket or a betting slip you know this is a painful situation to be in. Betting shops actually save a lot of money every year of winning bets that remain uncollected, most likely due to lost betting slips. This is actually part of their profit margin and for consumers this simply isn't fair and there is no reason why you can't have this fully tracked such that if you lose your betting slip, the information still remains on the system. Although some land based bookie shops claim that it is possible to retrieve your betting information I wouldn't want to rely on this system completely.

Cons of online betting

The truth is there are not many cons of betting online as players get better value. Perhaps the only cons of betting online are the easy access being 24 hours a day and more chances to place bets with the numerous sites online. If you have a gambling problem this can be tough to turn off as the betting shop is open as soon as you turn on your computer. You can request to be fully removed from the list as a customer and the regulated bookies in the UK must respect the laws in place and most of them do without hesitation.

Aside from that if you like betting on sports you have the best options available on the computer rather than the bookie shop. You have more choices of sportsbooks to select from, you'll get bonus money at nearly all online books whereas in a bookie shop you'll be lucky to get £10 but have horrible terms with this assuming you drop 5 times that amount in bets. Since you will be getting alongside millions of other customers the books can afford to throw lavish contests, promotions and tournaments to get more betting activity happening on their site over the competition. Some players remain loyal players for life but many are always looking for value and for you as the sportsbetting user there has never been a better time to enjoy some bets on the game as your money will go further.

Pros of online casinos and poker

Yes even online casinos and online poker have a big edge over their brick and mortal cousins. Overall betting on sports online makes more sense than betting in a bookie shop just for value alone. You will get better rewards playing online casinos and online poker however these are different. In a bookie shop you don't exactly go there with your best mates but with a casino or poker tournament it is more fun to go with a group of friends. All in all it is best to be a member of SuperBetting as we also work hard to make sure our betting players get more out of the sportsbooks.

To learn how to get the most out of sportsbooks see our sportsbetting bonus guide and learn some secret tricks on how to get more free chipsmore bonuses and quicker access to the vip programs with online sportsbooks.