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Have you ever heard about online poker rooms? Do you know what ithey are? Poker rooms refer to the room where poker games take place in a land casino. That was in the past, though – nowadays, the term poker room describes virtual “rooms” at an online casino where players can enjoy the game.

Online Poker Rooms

With the growing popularity of online casinos, online poker has created a massive fanbase of players that enjoy the card game for fun or real money every day. There are poker games and variations available on desktop and mobile platforms – you simply need to log-in to your favourite casino and you’ll have dozens of poker games available at your fingertips.

Online poker rooms are just a virtual extension of the rooms used in the past. They are actually internet pages (hosted by online casinos) where players can enjoy a game of poker with friends or anonymous players from all over the world. Going an extra step further, most modern poker rooms have a live video poker option which allows the players to see each other and determine if someone’s using a certain strategy or bluffing.

Not all online poker rooms are equal, though, and many of them are simply not safe. Another big problem is that there are just too many poker rooms you can pick from and it can get confusing for occasional players. Fortunately, there are many tips that can help you pick the ideal one.

How to Pick the Ideal Poker Room

Bonuses and Schemes

Before even starting on the topic of poker rooms, you need to refresh your memory of poker and read a few strategies that can help you win the game. Search some terms and strategies online or visit sites such as Casino Encyclopedia to find this information and other helpful tips when it comes to the greatest card game of them all.

Once you’ve identified the strategy you’d like to use, you can proceed with your search. Due to the variable bonuses and terms and conditions at different online casinos, you should carefully read the fine print before choosing on a poker room. Some offer no bonus at all (which is a shame), but others might offer a no deposit bonus which you should definitely take advantage of. It will increase your bankroll and give you free money you can use to try your hand at online poker.


Of course, security in an online poker room is of utmost importance. You need to find a casino which prioritizes security in their poker rooms so you can feel safe about your finances when playing for real money. Be careful – there are many scams online, so only pick the casinos that are verified.

Software Features

Although the market has really improved in recent times and even the smallest online casinos offer top-notch software, you still need to check its features and functionality beforehand. Take a look if the software allows preferred seating, automatic prebuys, auto top-up or other features you’d like it to have when playing online poker as it will make the game much more comfortable.

Games Offered

Depending on the type of poker you prefer (Omaha high/low, Texas Hold’Em), you should pick the poker rooms which offer them. Signing up for a room that doesn’t spread these games doesn’t make any sense as you shouldn’t try your hand if you’re inexperienced in a game, especially when playing for real money.

Check the games offered at any online casino – most offer the popular poker options such as hold’em cash games. However, if you want to play a rare variation of poker, you will only find it in a specialized online casino.