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SV Seligenporten VS FC Augsburg Am.



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SV Seligenporten VS FC Augsburg Am. match analysis

Seligenporten hosts Augsburg II in round 30 of the Regionalliga Bayern. The hosts are 17`th with 25 points while Augsburg II is 4`th with 46 points. Seligenporten is on the relegation position and the relegation play-off place is 5 points away. With 5 round to go they have a really hard task to achieve and the opponents in the next round are quite strong. Augsburg is even one of the weaker to meet. Seligenporten has everything to play for and the management went for the only option they have left. The new coach Pfeifer arrived just before christmass and his job is not gona be easy. The best he can do is to motivate the team and instal into them some confidence. They will have to do the rest. The team is obviously lacking quality but if they show guts the can take points in this match. The last time Augsburg hosted Seligenporten the result was unbelieveble. Augsburg won with 12:0!!! This will not happen again but it just goes to show what quality this young team has. There were some players leaving for the first team so the game lately isn`t as fluent but the results ain`t bad. Augsburg is not nearly as good on the travels though and have won just 4 of 15 matches played. Many were drawn though. Augsburg is even 21 points behind the promoted so they have nothing really to play for. The hosts are missing: Voleman, Pfeiffer, Christian while the visitors are without:Reinthaler, Volk, Kurt, Greisel, Della Schiava. The game is very unpredictable thus the great risk. Will try the hosts which have everything to play for and 1 point will not be enough.
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