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I think that this match will result as a home win for Hoffenheim. This is only the second round for this season. Hoffenheim did not have a positive start as they lost against Bayern Munich 3:1 in the opening match. Though it is understandable considerinf the tougher opponent. The good thing is that they showed a good performance in DFB Pokal and all previous friendlies they played. This makes me think that they are not doing that bad. Freiburg as well lost against Eintracht Frankfurt (0:2) on the season opening match. I think Hoffenheim will grab a 3 pointer here since they passed a big hurdle against Bayern Munich and the fact that they managed to at least score one back at Bayern's home field is a good indicator of their resolute offence. Plus, we have the home side advantage to consider. So, chances are that this will go to the home team.
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