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Real Madrid (-1 EH)

Ajax - Real Madrid анализ предстоящего матча

Another corner handicap after that success during the weekend. Real Madrid have won this handicap on every single occasion in the Championship League so far and they have faced tougher opposition than Ajax in AC Milan. Furthermore, since they already have enough points, they can play freely up front and I fully expect them to perform at their best. Ajax will surely struggle to get a lot of possession, since they lack quality all around the pitch and this will be even more evident in the midfield and attack - and there is where the corners come from. I fully believe that Real will dominate this match from start until the end and they are not like Barcelona - they do not keep the ball in play at all costs and they do not mind getting corners. The handicap is an European one, so it will win only if Madrid wins by two corners, no refunds or anything in the case of a win by one. However, we are getting much better odds than there are for simple corners match bet (around 1.65 or so), so it is worth the risk in my opinion. Good luck.
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