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BD Бангладеш


England -4.5 wkts / -52.5 runs

England - Bangladesh анализ предстоящего матча

The handicaps seem quite profitable at the moment, so I will have another medium-sized bet here. England will be missing some players for the rest of the tournament, but they will have to deal with that somehow. The replacements are also top-class, so I am not worried about that. Bangladesh, on the other hand, have just one goal here - to finish the game with at least some dignity. They have been horrible so far and I cannot see that changing here. Surprisingly, the handicap is not set at a high level at all. As a result, I am happy to back England to cover it. Even though they are not at full strength, they are still more than a level above this poor Bangladesh team. Unless they rally for their fans and start playing fantastically, they do not stand a chance in my opinion. Not much else to say about this match really, I would just set the handicap a little bit higher, so I see value in this choice. Others completely dismantled the team from Bangladesh, so why England could not do the same?
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