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Picking the outright winner here, as that seems to be the right choice right now. The hosts are definitely one of the best teams in the world and this is one of the matches they will want to win to increase their confidence level. The South African will not be too happy after that match with England, especially since they have seen England fall to Bangladesh today. They will get some more wins as the tournament goes on, but I think it won't be in this match. The bowlers are evenly matched in my opinion, but the Indians have a huge advantage in the batting department. They have the likes of Sachin Tendulkar in their ranks and you cannot argue with that. They have shown they can score against England, for example, as they made more than 300 runs against a rather solid bowling attack. The South Africans have solid batsmen, but I think they are still a class below the Indians, especially in these conditions. Medium stakes once again, but this is my pick for tomorrow's match and I am going to stick with it.
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