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Australia - Kenya анализ предстоящего матча

Let's forget about that horrible batting the Indian team showed after Sachin Tendulkar got out - a new day with two matches awaits. I like the odds for Shane Watson to be the best batsmen in tomorrow's match. There are two possible scenarios - If Australia start batting, he will be able to get into the poor Kenyan attack early on and he can outscore everyone on the team, as he usually goes for his shots quite early and should not get out easily against this attack, as he is very experienced. Definitely solid odds for that happening. And the second scenario? If Kenya start batting, then there is a big possibility that they will be bowled out for a very small total. In that case, Australia will need only a few batsmen to chase it down, in which case this will be huge value for the opener, especially with the strike rate he usually has. All in all, the odds are nice for someone who should be able to put up a solid score no matter how the match goes and I am willing to back it with medium stakes.
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