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Bangladesh - Netherlands анализ предстоящего матча

Rules: 1 point per run, 20 points per wicket, 10 points per catch, 25 points per stumping. Shafiul Islam is primarily a bowler, so we can only expect him getting points by wickets or catches. However, I think he will not be getting anything in this match. Firstly, he is not the main bowler that should take wickets in my opinion. And even if he bowls solidly, I do expect the Dutch to get something from this match thanks to solid batting, so he may have hard time breaking through anyway. Catches are basically about luck, so hopefully he will not get any tomorrow, there is not much else to add to that. And then, we have the possibility of him getting some runs. Well, first of all, he bats at the very tail, so he will not get much time in with the bat. And even if he gets in for some overs, he is quite poor with the bad and should not get more than around 10 runs even in the best case - the Dutch bowling is not that poor. The line is simply too high for me, so I will be taking unders for medium stakes. Good luck.
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