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Australian Grand Prix - Race анализ предстоящего матча

Hello and welcome to Formula 1 - season 2011. First race in calendar - Australia. I've wrote some guides on Formula 1 betting, and it is time to use the data. In last four races in Australia average finishing rate was 61% (2007: 17/22; 2008: 8/22; 2009: 15/20 2010: 14/24). With 24 cars on the grid, according to this data we should expect 14 or 15 cars to finish the race. I like this bet, because races in Australia are always interesting. Do you need to wake up in 3 A.M. to watch race? If it Australian GP it is something you should do. I still remember race from 2002nd year, when only 8 drivers finished race. Driver errors usually result retirements in Australia, good thing for this bet. Also, this is first race of the championship, and in this part of championship we usually see more mechanical problems than usually. Also, there are a lot of new names on the grid. It is going to be very interesting to see how it will work for them. Important to remember: driver is classified with 90% of race distance, so retirements in last few laps does not count as retirements. Good Luck.
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