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Sebastian Vettel - Mark Webber анализ предстоящего матча

Free practice results does not count, as those sessions are used only for preparing the car setup and testing different strategies. Formula 1 fans are predicting that Red Bull and Vettel are in the best position to win this season. People in Red Bull are happy with how winter testing went. I've decided to play on Webber, because he is the one that is driving in front of his fans. He never had a lot of luck in this track. Evan last year when he had the quickest car on the grid he failed to get podium finish on this track, as he had to stay longer on wrong tyres while Vettel pits. It is very hard to predict what will hapen this year, as Red Bull drivers might be in similar situation (new tyres require at least two pitstops per race, so if safety car shows up on track which is high possibility slower driver will have to wait while faster one pits). Anyway, I do expect to see a lot of Australian fans tomorrow on practice, and I believe that Webber will do some quick laps for fans. Last year in Australia Webber wasn't in top 3 drivers on practice one, but he was third in practice two and first in practice three.
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