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Australian Grand Prix - qualifying анализ предстоящего матча

After Rober Kubica had his crash incident, Renault was forced to replace him, as he was their first driver, and in my opinion one they expected everything from. Nick Heidfeld, who didn't have a team was a great quickl fix in this situation. Heidfeld never won a F1 race, but he was driving some decent cars (like BMW Sauber) and he had some nice results with them. Also, he doesn't make many mistakes and with his experience will be great asset for the team. My opinion is that sponsored drivers should not get good car in their first season. Vitaly Petrov has his seet in Renault because Russia is investing in him. And that is fine. But, those drivers should spent some time in slower cars that do not compete for points. Only reason is: if unexperienced driver makes mistake or isn't quick enough it is not important if team is not in battle for points. But, if that driver have a car that is constant in points with other driver, that there is a problem. Last year Vitaly Petrov manage to collect 27 points, while Kubica who had the same car won 136 points! And, points are money! Also, one important thing that Petrov wasn't bettr in second part of the season.. he was evan worse than on the start.. I believe that he made some progress, and I guess that he will be able to fight for better positions, but I am guessing that it is still early to expect big thinks for him. Heidfeld isn't as strong as Kubica was in qualifying, but in my opinion he will be quicker Renault driver. Vitaly Petrov was quicker on both prqactice session, but that doesn't mean much for me. I don't have much possitive memories about Petrov when it comes to sessions where result counts.
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