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Australian Grand Prix - qualifying анализ предстоящего матча

Lewis Hamilton is person I will bet against in Australia - in every possible combination. First of all expectations from McLaren are not that high. Evan Lewis Hamilton accepted this, when he said that McLaren can surprise in Australia. Today in free practice McLaren was very good: Button and Hamilton took first and second position in second practice. But, as I already mentioned, practice results does not count, so this is not that important. I guess that people do not need much to believe in Hamilton – and that is understandable, he is great driver and he really gives it all. Hamilton or Hamilton and McLaren aren't very strong at this track. Last year he qualified only 11th. That was the worst qualifying performance of the year for him(in regular conditions). They've started season 2010 with fourth place in Bahrein, so it is obvious that McLaren wasn't completely out of pace in that part of the season. Also, Hamilton have very good score against his team mates in qualifying generally , but on this track he was beaten in last two years. I do not see Hamilton in strong position tomorrow. I believe that Alonso and Ferrari are in better position. Still, it is first race of the season, so I will limit my stakes. Good Luck.
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