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Heidfeld, Nick

Australian Grand Prix - qualifying анализ предстоящего матча

This is basically bet that driver will be in top 10 in qualifying. It is very tough to make predictions who will be in top 10 before season starts, but I do expect big three teams (Red Bull, Ferrari, Mclaren) to do it. Also, Mercedes was hot and cold during winter testing, and Williams is looking strong. But, I do believe that Renault have a good chance to be in top 10. Last year Robert Kubica was regular in top 10 - he missed it only in Abu Dhabi. Renault wasn't looking very quick in Friday, but practice results does not count, and I doubt that they are slower than Sauber and Torro Rosso. Also, I do believe that they can compete with Williams and Mercedes, and that positions from 7th to 10th are realistic expectations for this teams. After practice Petrov said: "We are not bad and we didn't have any mechanical problems. We did a good job and still haven't pushed. Tomorrow we will push hard." I really do not know what this means.. I can guess that they were driving with more fuel.. but I can only guess. Anyway, I do expect Renault to be strong tommorow.
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