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Both drivers are driving Force India. Di Resta is in his first Formula 1 season, and to be honest I did expected to see new Lewis Hamilton today. Paul won Formula 3 in 2006, and last year he won DTM championship. Of course, it is still only his first race in F1. Qualifying saw some usually strong mid-grid drivers struggle or make mistake: P18 Nick Heidfeld - problems with KERS and traffic, P17 Rubens Barrichello - Williams crashed in out-lap, P16 Sutil- Force India paid price of opening movable wings too early. That is why Paul di Resta was verry happy with P14 after qualifying. Those guys weren't on his list to battle with. Anyway, Paul di Resta did not show pace that is good as one Sutil had. He drove 1:27.222 in Q1, and 1:26.739 in Q2, and we saw Sutil doing 1:26.245 in Q1. This is main reason for me to bet on Sutil. There is only Barrichello between them on the start, and I will guess, but Sutil should have #1 status in this team. If he doesn't have it, I believe that he will be able to overtake his team mate tomorrow. Bad thing about this bet, is possibility of Safety Car tomorrow. It is very important which team driver is first if that happens, because that one gets to pit before another one, and slower one has to wait (and lose a lot of positions). So, I really hope that Sutil will be in front of Paul after first 10 laps, and I do not doubt that it will happen.. if Paul doesn't make very strong start.. in that case I will have to pray for no-safety car during pit window for Force India.. P.s. This is competition stake. I do recommend 5/10 Good Luck.
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