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Nick Heidfeld

Malasyan Grand Prix - race анализ предстоящего матча

After last weekend, I had to ask myself - what happened to Nick Heidfeld? He is not the fastest on the grid, but he is one that doesn't make to many mistakes. Last time he was very slow, and he obviously made some mistakes (although he didn't reported one) He had some problems with Kers on the begging of the qualifying (Q1) and he had to change his setup and went on track a bit later. With Kers not working, and new setup he got some traffic during his quick lap - and he finished session on 18th place - he was out of qualifying. This is something I really have problem with - this is not forgivable! He manage to get up to 12th on the start, but damage he got after collision with Alguersuari slowed him down, and he was quite off the pace. His team mate, Vitaly Petrov showed us how much Renault can do this year - he finished third in race, after he qualified sixth! It was his first podium, and important to remember is that he didn't finished third after tons of incidents and retirements.. no, he finished third after uneventful race (only Button had some problems) This results showed us that Renault is fighting with Ferrari for #3, and they do look really strong. This is why I had huge doubts should I post (top 6 finish @5.00) or only this points finish. I've decided for this bet, because it allows me to go with higher stake - and there is not much bets that I would recommend with maximum stake for race conditions! This bet has great value as Renault has great pace, and Heidfeld doesn't make too much mistakes. The difference between Heidfeld and Petrov was huge last time - but I don't expect to see that again - this is sport that car is much more important than driver.
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