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Newcastle - Manchester U анализ предстоящего матча

Manchester United lost the battle for the cup, but they are still very much the favorites for the Premier League title, which is obviously their main goal at the moment. They will face the average team from Newcastle today and I expect them to bounce back from their poor weekend performance. They are better in every department of the game and they can certainly score quite a few goals against this rather average defense of Newcastle. They will be really hungry for success and I just cannot see any other result than a solid win by the team from Manchester. I will be picking the safer handicap option though, because the odds are solid enough there and I like the additional security that bet offers. All in all, the huge gap in terms of quality plus the "bounce back" factor since the weekend all point to the victory here and I think this is also a solid choice from the "value" point of view. After all, does anyone see Newcastle getting anything from this game? I surely do not expect that at all.
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