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Gamba Osaka - Cereso Osaka анализ предстоящего матча

This will be the first game of the round of 16 finals in Asian champions league. This season each against other will face off two teams from Japan. Those two teams knows very well because they have played each against other many times and I do not think that there will be some surprizes today. I am not very good in Asian football, but I know that Gamba Osaka are one of the best teams in Japan K-League and it is normal for them to play on big stages in Asian Champions league. So far they have done great and they have finished on the first plae in their group. They have made some good results at home (5:1 win over Melbourn Victory) at home. In those home games they have plaed great and they have took the lead in first half. I expect this to happened today too. The team of Cereso Osaka have qualify for this stage mostly because they have made some good games at home in Japan, but on road they were not playing so good. They are not on eof the top teams on Japan and I think that today the stronger team will took the lead in the first half.
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