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Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher - Nick Heidfeld анализ предстоящего матча

I chose two great duel in Formula 1, when it comes to Nick Heidfeld he did where he completed his training at the 9 position and the two held a training vehicle with not just a full tank, but with slightly poorer weight as his technicians said that was not tests were done on full alert so that they could somewhat a little cautious to enter this qualification race. On the other hand team driving the Mercedes, where Michael Schumacher completed a training and were tested with bolidn half empty and one with a full tank and found to be able to do the race with any one charge of fuel which would be based on the latest spoiler which could have further to achieve greater acceleration and may even lead to be found among the top 6 on the pole position. In any case, my pom is a favorite of Michael Schumacher in this duel with Nick Heidfeld. As for the weather, there are predicted to be able to get rain in this qualification race would still give chances to Michael Schumacher in a better position in relation to his opponent.
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