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Koln is a good host and its opponent tonight, Mainz, lost only one game away. Because of that it's the match where you can't be sure who will win. In fact, you can't be sure of any result. Mainz is coming after three draws like visitors, of total four tie results in away matches. They didn't score a goal only in Berlin against Hertha, counting only away matches. Koln have 4 wins at home, one tie result and 3 defeats. They won 4 of last 5 home matches, and they didn't receive a goal in all 4 wins. But, also, in defeat against Moenchengladbach they didn't score goal, or they scored only one goal in three defeats at home. So, there are fluctuations in their matches at home. Bearing in mind that they won in 4 of the last 5 games at home, it looks like that they are in a good home rhythm. Those matches weren't in a row and we could have a wrong picture because Koln lost two of last 4 matches, but they didn't lose last two, even won the last one, 4:0 against Freiburg. Mainz didn't lose in last four matches. Visitors are without two midfielders, Polanski is under suspension, Risse is injured. Defender Noveski is also injured. Koln have old injured players, one from each team lines: forward Novakovic, midfielder Chichi and defender Andrezinho. It could be the third draw in a row for Mainz, but I think Koln has good chances to win. GL.
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