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Every single international tournament brings changes to numerous professional teams and can drastically affect one’s career. EURO 2016 is no exception. Many coaches will resign or have left their respective positions. A plenty of players have been noticed by the international football community and receive generous offers from all over the world. How has this tournament impacted careers?

Roy Hodgson and his saddening departure and Iceland

English fans are harsh when it comes to criticizing their national team. However, this EURO 2016 is a tragedy. A team that once was a contender for titles is a mere shadow of itself. The players lack motivation and seemingly walk instead running. The hearts of English fans were broken, when their beloved footballers tried to drag out their game against Iceland. Iceland is truly a team of Nordic Vikings. They are fierce, reckless, and showed exemplary team spirit. Nonetheless, this is still a relatively weak team that shouldn’t win against England with Rashford, Rooney, and Smalling on the roster. Surely, these players are not top-class performers, but they are definitely solid middle-of-the-pack players that together should overperform teams like Iceland. Unluckily, the team cohesion, as well as motivation, were nowhere to be seen during the match between England and Iceland.

The football community cheered for Iceland, but nobody truly believed in their victory against the “lions”. This is why their defeat feels so bitter. Many fans immediately jumped on Roy’s hate-train. Some even remembered about an incident with Roberto Carlos about 20 years ago. There were commentators that described Roy along following lines: “Roy Hodgson is watching [the game] like a cow watches a train passing by. He has no idea what is happening!”
Undoubtedly, Belgian commentator is over dramatizing, but Roy Hodgson demonstrated his poor team management and tactical skills too many times. Immediately after this shameful loss, he decided to resign. Surely, Roy won’t be coaching an international team anytime soon. Hopefully, this year’s fiasco will not affect his professional agendas. His professional career includes 16 different teams and none of them had a victorious history, but none totally sucked either.
At the same time, Roy’s moving forward opens up new opportunities for other potent candidates. Arsene Wegner expressed his disinterest in coaching English national team right after Roy’s resign. Nevertheless, Steve Gerrard is very interested in a new career opportunity and looks like a capable contender. Sam Allardyce, current Sunderland’s manager, is also up for the job. English FA wants an Englishman to manage their national team. With this in mind, Gerrard and Allardyce look like the most fitting candidates.
Sadly, Gary Neville and Ray Lewington, the English national team assistant managers, have left the team alongside Roy Hodgson. While Gary Neville expressed his disagreements with Roy’s ideas, he will be removed from the team indefinitely.
Hal Robson-Kanu is up for grabs!

Hal Robson-Kanu

While some people are losing their jobs, others are presented with shiny perspectives. Hal Robson-Kanu is a fairly popular player in Wales and he played decently in Reading. His career is full of ups and downs, a true roller-coaster. However, his last season was lackluster. He scored only 5 goals as a striker and seemingly had no motivation to continue playing with Reading. Considering the fact that he was loaned a couple of times to other clubs, his motivational issues are understandable.
Right before this tournament, he decided to terminate his contract with Reading and headed to EURO 2016 teamless. Hal stated that he already had some interesting offers from multiple teams in Wales and even Premiere League, but he decided to wait. His patience was rewarded, as his storm-like performance in matches against Belgium and Slovakia warranted him close attention. Hal has already confirmed that he is receiving playing offers from all over the world following his amazing scores in EURO 2016.
Surely, Hal Robson-Kanu is not a contender for the Golden Boot. To top off all of his issues, he is also injured and cannot show off his true potential. Hal compensates his temporary lack of physique with outstanding will and determination. These are the qualities of a winner and many teams have already noticed this 27-year-old striker from Wales.

Hal Robson-Kanu himself expressed his desire to play in Premiere League. This is quite possible, as many English football clubs seemingly lack motivated forwards. Hopefully, this strong man will end up signing a nice contract with a team that will enable his full potential.
Vicente Del Bosque is no more…

The "Spain game"

The reigning champions have fallen and Vicente Del Bosque is hardly the real reason for their lackluster performance this year. Right after the disaster in a form of a loss against Italy, Vicente Del Bosque decided to leave his coaching position and concentrate on his professional career. He briefly commented that his resign has nothing to do with the results of the Spanish national team. In his interview to RNE (Spanish public radio), he said that he “…had no doubt about [his] future…”
However, multiple candidates expressed their desire to take the spot, if Del Bosque were to resign. Both Joaquin Caparros and Paco Jemez want to take over the Spanish national team. Managing a team with so many outstanding players on the roster is a dream for any coach. So let’s look at these two contenders.

Joaquin Caparros is barely a man for the job. His track record is full of last places and poor matches. He failed at improving the results of Mallorca and Granada with both teams finishing at the very bottom of the tables. His latest results are underwhelming, to say the least. However, he had some bright spots in his career and some fresh blood may be something that Spanish team lacks.

Paco Jemez is a well-known Spanish central defender and his playing career was full of great performances. He was not a superstar, but his appearances on the field were always productive. His coaching career is not overly successful, but he managed to improve teams that we managed. He is currently managing Granada FC. With his win-rate as a manager being close to average 37% throughout his whole career, Paco Jemez is a solid candidate that will happily pay more attention to the national team compared to Del Bosque.
Both pretending coaches deeply respect Del Bosque. Caparros said that Vicente is the best possible specialist for the job. Remember that Del Bosque successfully led Spaniards to their consecutive European Championship in 2012, but his team looked weaker at the World Cup in 2014. Del Bosque will technically remain as a coach until the expiration of his contract on July 31.
Etrit Berisha is a hot deal!

Triumphant Etrit Berisha

Goalkeepers rarely attract a lot of attention and Etrit Berisha was an unknown Albanian goalie until he was picked up by Lazio. After 3 seasons with this famous Italian squad and his first international appearances during EURO 2016, Etrit is likely to change his team. He was a part of Lazio’s starting eleven only 19 times.

At EURO 2016 Etrit Berisha could show his skills and get some international attention. Many teams are looking for a solid goalie and Etrit is being heavily considered by multiple teams including Everton and Aston Villa. Everton’s owner Ronald Koelman was impressed by Etrit’s excellent physique and potential. Koelman has about £100 million to spend on transfers, but he will surely want to save up a couple of pounds on buying out a relatively cheap goalkeeper with a huge potential.
Roberto Di Matteo, the new manager of Aston Villa, is familiar with Berisha and have seen him playing in Series A. Roberto is interested in making Berisha his starting goalkeeper. Etrit’s international appearances make him that much more marketable and present him new opportunities that were unlikely before. With Aston Villa and Everton showing interest in buying Berisha, he can even wait for better options!

Why Etrit attracts so much attention? He is still relatively young for a goalkeeper. He is 27 years old, looks like a potential superstar, and has exceptional goalkeeping skills. With his height being 194 centimeters, he can reach further than average goalkeepers. To top it all off, he is famous for his penalty taking abilities. So many talents and marketable appearance, what else do you need from a good goalkeeper?
Leonid Slutsky will no longer coach Russian national team.

What will come of Russia? 

Russia showed some really bad results at EURO 2016. They had a relatively weak group with England being the only real contender and Wales looking like a dark horse. Losing to Albania is shameful for a team that finished TOP4 in 2008. With only 1 point from 3 games, Russia had no chances to advance.

Leonid Slutsky announced his resign right after the group stage. Right now, the faster – the better. Russia drastically needs a new coach, since the country is hosting World Cup in 2018. This means less international competition (no qualification rounds) and less overall practice. Slutsky took over the team succeeding Fabio Capello, whose team management was questionable as stated by the Russian Football Union.
Who will be the next coach to teach Russians how to play this game? There is no information about it yet.