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General Terms and Conditions

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  • All odds and prices are represented here in real time and are representative of: BwinBet365LadbrokesWilliam Hill, SBOBet
  • All odds and prices being displayed on this site (Metabetting) are strictly for reference only. 
  • Metabetting shall not be held liable for any failure that is due to internet or software errors nor to the unavailability of the website.
  • Please be aware that all free bets listed on our free bets page usually are subject to special terms and conditions
Tipsters Terms and Conditions
  • Tipster customers carry the complete responsibility for all the content published under their own profile and this includes own comments, own avatar, and previews. No content may be published that is either: harmful, abusive, unlawful, threatening, vulgar, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially, ethnically, or in any case objectionable. Unauthorized advertising or unsolicited materials such as spam or chain-letters are strictly prohibited. Any tipster/customer found to disregard these terms is subject to account suspension. Metabetting reserves the full right to remove any content they deem inappropriate posted by any tipster/customer.
  • At the end of each month, MetaBetting and its sponsors will award the best tipsters for the month with cash prizes. MetaBetting will announce with 10 days notification if the prizes will increase in value and each prize announcement will be made at the beginning of each month. 
  • MetaBetting will contact the winners of each month via email to provide information on payment processing of the winnings. Metabetting reserves the full right to cancel or terminate any transaction due to or related to any fraud attempt. Winners hereby agree to receive any winning prizes through the payment method chosen by Metabetting.
  • Metabetting will NOT in any case guarantee winnings. In the case of any loss resulting to the usage of information on this website, Metabetting will not be held liable. Metabetting and the information it provides is not to be used for violation of any federal or country laws. Metabetting is in no way responsible for bets placed by using any of the links or banners throughout the website. The customer is completely responsible for any visits to an external link.
Forum Rules
  • Insulting members are forbidden. Posts which are not related to betting and which contain national, religious, fan, racistic or any other insulting messages will be erased immediately. Members who don’t respect this rule will be baned from using this forum.
  • Don’t open a topic if it already exists. Topics should be named by the leagues, days in the week or by the tip of competition (for example, WC Germany 2006). Noway you could open a topic named by the match, e.g. “Barcelona – Real M.”, especially not when the offer is rich. You can send your posts to topics which are related to what you want to discus about, of course.
  • When you write your predictions, you should explain your pick and not just to write “Barcelona will win”. You needn’t write full analysis but few sentences with an explanation why you chose that result. Otherwise, your post without an explanation will be erased.
  • No advertising of other web pages is allowed. Any use of vulgar language is forbidden, of course.
  • If you want to play a pick on the basis of analysis of another member from the forum, you will do it on your own responsibility. METABETTING will not be responsible for you  to loose your money. If it comes to an insulting member for wrong analysis, sanctions will take place.
  • Don’t forget to check and empty your Inbox and Sentbox i.e. private messages so it doesn’t come to overloading and slowing the forum and filling basis.
  • Turn off the Caps Lock! If you write a message with your Caps Lock on, it means you are yelling at the other members. In “web slang” capitals are a symbol of aggression.
  • If you are copying content from other page and you are publishing it on the forum, which could be very helpful, you must write the name of the source and author who published that information.
  • Avatars – please put an avatar with max size 130x130 pixels, and max 10 KB. Since we care about quality and image of our forum, please make a transparent image. Also, if you own a web space somewhere, we would be grateful if you would upload your avatar there, and here just leave a link.
  • During the registration, put a correct e-mail because your password and activation link go by mail. Please don’t use free mails (e.g. Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail…).
  • Please try to be as active as you can, because sometimes there will be a procedure in which the inactive members will be deleted from the database of the forum.
  • The condition for a ban, delete or warn: a) Members who don’t log in for 30 days will be deleted. A member with 100% of warns will be automatically banned for a year. Warn can be got for breaking any rule; b) Members with 0 posts are deleted 7 days after the registration, without a warning; c) For breaking any other rules, punishment depends on the weight of what has been done. 
Legality of Online Gambling 
  • The use or access to the Metabetting website or to any of its products may be illegal depending on the country of residence. In respect to the legality of online gambling, Metabetting does not warrant the legality of access to the site. Metabetting does not provide offers or invitations to the website to subscribe to any betting or gaming institutions for those individuals who reside in a jurisdiction where online gambling is prohibited.
  • As a Metabetting user, it is your complete responsibility to determine whether the law permits gambling in your area.
Breach of Terms and Conditions
  • Any failure to comply with the Metabetting Terms and Conditions can lead to the suspension or closure of your MetaBetting account. 
  • In the case of account termination or breach of the agreement,  MetaBetting reserves the right to alter or change any passwords or other codes with no prior notice. 
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