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There have been three shocking news regarding Robbie Savage lately. One is that our beloved football pundit does not know the difference between an interview and a meeting. The second is that he actually can apologize from time to time and even spends some time doing so occasionally. The third is that Robbie Savage is not the most reliable source of analysis and information when it comes to wise betting. While many great online bookies prefer earn millions due to fans betting on teams after hearing from this Welsh, wise men wait for a bit before making their decisions on UK betting sites.

Who is the real gas pumper? Please, stand up!

After starting his own small gas station in the West, Robbie decided that it is time to expand his career options. You remember that this handsome gentleman had been a Jack of all trades for last 5 years. After retiring from professional football, this guy has been everywhere. Looks like having a steady income as a journalist was not enough as Robbie had a blast of a broadcasting experience while writing for multiple magazines and papers.

Then, in 2013, he decided that running a business of his own would have been a great idea and so his gas station affair began. The initial premise was quite philanthropic. Living in a rural area sometimes brings inconveniences like having to travel miles and miles to the closes gas station. Robbie Savage decided to open his own small gas station for people living nearby. While this business plan was certainly not the most efficient of all, the local community was quite happy.

Robbie may be one of the most controversial and arrogant players that have ever stepped on the fields of stadiums where Barclays Premiere League hosts games, but no one ever would call him a bad guy. He is genuinely a nice person who sometimes likes to be harsh.

At the same time, many would say that Robbie has a charming personality. He had been in the epicenter of public love for the majority of his career. His eccentricity, borderline rude plays in midfield, and controversial scandals made him a name that now makes him millions. Savage is a person who built a personality that simply attracts people and makes them love it. Remember how Robbie magically appeared on that TV show Strictly Come Dancing? People loved him.

His controversial nature, however, continued to be in the middle of public attention. Scores of journalists and nonchalant internet browsers besieged his social media accounts hunting for fresh information about this former midfielder from Barclays Premiere league. Definitely, Robbie Savage is an entertaining personality to follow. Amongst his recent moments of fame: a small article about his series of tweets regarding job interviews and how they differ from meetings, a story about a prank that one of his friends pulled off during a friendly dinner, and an astounding scandal – Robbie Savage apologizes for one of his recent misjudgments.

Robbie knows how to say “I’m sorry”

Many fans truly believe that he is a person who never says sorry. Throughout his eventful career, he many times was under the pressure from fans, media, and football officials, yet his eccentric manners and arrogant smile never left him. When he replaced his uniform with a tight fashionable suit and a seat near the microphone, nothing changed. He was still a very harsh and outspoken guy who would wreck people for their mistakes and openly praise them for their achievements.

Do not be confused, Robbie Savage himself was a very questionable footballer. Some fans love him for both his playstyle and entertaining escapades, but there are many football fans who hate him more than anything else in their lives. With so many haters constantly bashing him for every misstep, Robbie Savage grew a thicker skin. In fact, his skin seems to be so thick that even the most extravagant and straightforward criticism feels completely ineffective. He has a skin of an elephant when it comes to taking punches from media and fans.

Maybe, this is why he often makes bold predictions and calls out those who usually receive only praises from both football experts and fans. Maybe, this is why he doesn’t really know how to apologize. About 6 months ago, Robbie Savage was brutal about JurgenKlopp and his managerial potential. However, he quickly realized that he made a mistake trying to predict the future before seeing how well Liverpool will do with Jurgen. Eventually he had to apologize.

This was quite some time ago, but Robbie Savage seems to be liking to apologize and admitting his mistakes. A couple of months ago, when Kevin De Bruyne appeared of the roster of Manchester City, Robbie Savage was quite skeptical and said that this $65 million deal was a poor decision and that the team will underperform big time with Kevin amongst their lines. However, De Bruyne showed his ability to mesh with his new team and put up good numbers when it matters. Robbie had to admit that he was partially wrong and that De bruyne looks like a strong addition to the roster.

In terms of how entertaining Kevin’s game Robbie even compared him to the likes of Ronaldo, Messi, and Rivaldo. Quite a company for young Kevin De Bruyne.

These recent hiccups in Robbie’s abilities to predict the future in the world of football tell us loudly that we should not use his analysis as the one and only source of information. Yes, he is a very entertaining personality and his appearances on radio and TV always deliver a great deal of fun, but due to him loving bold statements and brave predictions, he is often far away from the truth. If you want to make a bet based on a strong logical analysis, choose another expert to follow!

A harbinger of change…

Robbie is more than capable of making accurate predictions. He just wants to be a bit more dramatic. By no means, he is an ignorant pundit who only trash-talks players and hunts for hits on his football column. Robbie is not a drama queen, but he loves to heat up things on rare occasions. This is why people should not rely on his analysis when it comes to traditional betting. His predictions came short many times, including his arguments supporting the idea that Liverpool would underperform with JurgenKlopp being in charge.

JurgenKlopp was a famous and effective coach for the majority of his career, he is one of the best football masterminds not from Italy or Spain. Saying that he will be unable to at least somehow change and improve Liverpool was a very long shot. However, Robbie decided to make that shot. Liverpool looks great and maybe better than it has ever looked before. Fans are happy about their team’s playstyle and team’s potential. Many call this iteration of Liverpool the best in history. Obviously, these are unnecessarily exaggerated statements as well. What matters is that Liverpool managed to perform above the expectations, while those who believed Robbie thought that the team will fall flat.

While Robbie’s analytical talents are hindered by his desire to be a bit more sensational than necessary, some of his predictions and estimations are very interesting for those who love unconventional betting or just enjoys football in general. For example, some bookies are offering their clients to bet on who will be the next coach of the English national team. It is hard to make a prediction, even if you know potential candidates. If you struggle to make your pick, you should definitely start visiting Robbie’s column as often as possible. Savage dedicates a lot of time to analyzing and contemplating about potential coaches.

In one of his recent posts, Savage focused on Arsen Wenger and how he is a good fit for the team and the country. Arguing about his authoritative presence and ability to force teams to comply, Robbie noticed that Wenger is soon to be out of contract with Arsenal and that Wenger expressed his desire to take the reins of the English national team is necessary. Wenger is not the only candidate according to savage.

He suggests Gareth Southgate as a new coach for the main team. This manager led English U-21 squad to multiple international victories and looks like a good deal for the country. He is a domestic coach with great international experience and passion for innovation. Could he transition his experience with youth to the playground where only adults are allowed? This is a big question.

Robbie Savage is definitely the guy to follow, if you are interested in football. His recent focus on coaches coupled with his own experience makes some managerial decisions that much clearer. It is hard to understand all the intricacies of Barclays Premiere League, but Robbie surely helps to do so. Hopefully, he will continue this new trend and will focus on coaches and how they can make an impact. This is much more interesting than reading how one player is better than others. 

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