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Do you want to see the top 5 worst football tackles ever? It is very difficult to put only 5 as the worst since there is truthfully hundreds of videos worthy of making the list. Either way expect some bad tackles from players like De JongMaterazzi and Roy Keane. We had to leave Zidane off the list even though his famous headbutt on Marco Materazzi is an all time classic but we want to see some vicious tackles that will make you reconsider being a football player.

#5 Marcin Wasilewski + Axel Witsel = broken legs

The video you are about to see could be argued as the absolute worst football tackle of all time but we wanted to start off the top 5 with something that might make you sick. As the title suggests this video features two players: Marcin Wasilewski and Axel Witsel challenge for the ball and Witsel decides he doesn't want the ball and goes all for leg. Unfortunately for Wasilewski he decides to play fair and wins the hard challenge with the ball but what happens to his leg is enough to make you vomit. Watch the video yourself and this might be the first and last time you watch this video.

#4 Roy Keane destroys Alf-inge Haaland

Roy Keane was always known as a tough player to play against being the captain for Ireland and Manchester United. He was a great leader amongst some great Man U players. They won a lot of trophies with this player and if you ask Alf-inge Haaland what he thinks of Roy Keane he might not have a whole lot to say. Perhaps his face will grimace in remembering the pain of having his legs destroyed by a brutal Keane challenge. This challenge was so famous it ended up in Keane's autobiography where he admitted it was on purpose. Of course the tackle was on purpose as Keane had no good intentions on that play whatsoever. Watch the end of the video where after Keane gets his red card he gets in the last laugh.

#3 Nigel De Jong karate kicks Xavi Alonso in World Cup Finals

Recently we witnessed Spain win their first ever world title and play a violent Dutch squad there deserved at least 2 red cards in the match. In this clip Nigel De Jong make a horrible karate kick to the chest of Xavi Alonso. The play happened fast and maybe the referee didn't see how serious the challenge was but after watching the first replay you knew that De Jong didn't deserve to be in the game anymore after that. Of course this would put De Jong on the map who in Germany is known as the lawn mower for his dangerous slice tackles that clear anything in it's path including legs and sometimes the football. He was recently kicked off the Dutch squad for a foul in the Premiership on Ben Arfa that destroyed his legs. In the meantime give credit to Alonso who played the rest of the match and was later revealed to have broken a rib on the play but stayed in the match and came out as a champion.

#2 Amazing Scissor kick and head slam

I don't know how anybody could pull off a move like this but the player manages to get a bit of a kick to the head then scissor his legs around the opponents head before finally slamming it brutally into the ground. As you can tell by this youtube video it has over 2.5 million reviews and counting. Unfortunately it is a short video so you might have to keep watching this one over and over again as well. Despite it being a very violent tackle it is also entertaining and worthy of a red card no doubt.

#1 Football Head Kick

This foul was hardcore crossing the line and thankfully it was video taped so the world can watch it over and over again. It is hard to find out who these players are but it looks like an Ajax player who chases the ball and gets a crazy head kick then drops to his knees but doesn't fully collapse. Perhaps these videos are more fun and easier to watch than some of the horrible leg tackles that see players with disfigured career ending leg fractures. You can put this video on repeat and watch in awe.

Worst football tackles compilation

Now if you want to see one great video that sums up some of the worst tackles ever made in football watch these riots happen. Enjoy horrible tackles being made to music. It is the best collage or collection of worst tackles you will see. The only thing missing from this video is the infamous Zidane headbutt on Materazzi, actually the video is in the complation. Enjoy the tackles.