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Juventude VS Goiás


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Juventude VS Goiás match analysis

Juventude faces Goias in an important game for both, more important for the hosts. They face eachother in the 32`nd round of Serie B and both have high ambition. Juventude is fighting against relegation and is 18`th with 32 points while Goias is fighting to be one of 4 teams to promote. They are second with 50 points but fourth Guarani is only 5 points shy. Concentration is needed as there are just 7-8 round to play in this season. Juventude is only on goal difference in the relegation zone but is seems they will be on the edge till the last rounds. It is go time for the hosts but all season long they failed to deliver on home ground. With only 2 wins at home they are by far the worst host of the league. It is even stranger that they scored just 8 goals here in 14 matches played having also by far the worst offensive. For 2-7-5 till now it is way to little. Stats are so much better on the road and this feels like they can`t get rid of the pressure of the home crowd. Form is terrible with just 1 win in the last 13 games and even worse without a goal scored in the last 6 home matches. In 3 of those they managed to take three 0:0 draws. Even a change of coach a month or so ago hasn`t helped much. Today the hosts wil be missing some key players: Leandro Lima(mid.24-0), Elias(att.15-3, second scorer) Felipe Mattioni (def.16-1); Hygor(att.0-0), Fred(def.22-2) and Esquerdinha(att.2-0). Goias is with great Serie A tradition and would like to go back and quickly. They are having an average season by all accounts and their very attacking minded attitude has cost them matches. To have 15-5-10 and be second on the table says a lot about them and about the league I guess. They have the second strongest attack in the league and third best away from home. Yet often they are a hit or miss team which is especially said for their away matches. Away from home Goias has 7-1-6 and 20:19 gd. Recently form has been good but a shocker came when they lost away to last placed Boa 0:1. That was their only loss in the last 7 matches so I feel they will better their game in this final stretch. Goias has the best league scorer in Lucao and by all accounts the coach can field the best squad. Only defender Victor(14-1) and keeper Rangel(8-0) is are out. A sensible bet would be to play this dnb but I will risk it this time and go for a straight Goias win.
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