The game of football is any of several similar team sports, of similar origins which involve, to varying degrees, kicking a ball with the foot in an attempt to score a goal. The most popular of these sports worldwide is association football, more commonly known as just "football" or "soccer". Unqualified, the word football applies to whichever form of football is the most popular in the regional context in which the word appears, including American football, Australian rules football, Canadian football, Gaelic football, rugby league, rugby union and other related games. These variations are known as "codes.

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Miami Dolphins vs. Detroit Lions

Two of the surprise teams of the season are facing off this weekend. The Miami Dolphins are currently 5-3 and are in second place in the AFC East. They are playing at the 6-2 Detroit Lions. When this game was originally scheduled, no one expected it to have any playoff implications.

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers haven’t made the playoffs since 2011. They have finished 8-8 each of the past two seasons. Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has not been playing up to his usual self. The rough and tough defense that has brought two Super Bowls to the city of Pittsburgh is no longer there.

City consigning holding midfielders to the history books

When Chelsea visit Manchester City on Monday night, it’s a meeting of the two Premier League title favourites - who are chasing league glory in completely contrasting styles. City are a free-scoring, fluid machine which borders on reckless, while Chelsea are the efficient, work-in-progress side that Jose Mourinho prides on defensive collaboration, over an attacking mind-set.

Arsene Wenger praises Cardiff

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger praises Cardiff ahead of the clubs' meeting on Saturday . They never give up , says the Frenchman.

World Cup 2014 – The Final Matches

Things have been going rather well for us so far in the World Cup and the good news is that our pre-tournament bet on Germany being the highest-scoring team is now looking very good after that crushing 7-1 victory the team achieved against Brazil the other day, so we simply can't complain about anything right now.

Denver Broncos vs. New England Patriots

The Broncos will go to Gillette Stadium to take on the New England Patriots this weekend. It will another Manning/Brady matchup. This has become the quarterback rivalry of this century. Peyton Manning got the last laugh last year as they won in the AFC Championship Game, but can Brady get revenge this week? This is a must-watch game.

MLS Cup Playoffs Preview

Soccer--football to those outside of the United States--still has a ways to go in terms of popularity in America, but significant strides have been made in recent years thanks to Major League Soccer (MLS), and with the United States’ escape from the group of death in the World Cup, this sport is gaining ground in the USA.

Can Seattle Repeat?

The Seattle Seahawks are the defending Super Bowl Champions. When the season began, they were the favorites to win it again. Seattle's season began the way it left off, with impressive wins against the Green Bay Packers and the Denver Broncos. But, they have lost two straight games. In between those games, the Seahawks traded wide receiver Percy Harvin to the Jets. This trade will have a big impact on the team.

Number 509

Going into the Broncos 49ers Sunday Night Football game, quarterback Peyton Manning had thrown 506 touchdowns. He was two behind the Brett Farve's record of 508. Within the first quarter, Manning already tied the record. With a couple minutes left in the first half, Manning connected with Demaryius Thomas for an 8-yard touchdown. Number 509.