Understanding Point Spreads In Sport Betting

When you consider betting on basketball and football, you need to understand point spreads if you need to maximize of your return. Generally, you need to know how point spread works. The point spread is a handicap placed for betting purposes and gives both teams an equal change of winning.

The Most Popular Betting Myths

In this article, we will look at two big betting myths that many tipsters still believe. The truth is, they are losing money by doing that. So what are these myths and why are they not true?

A 10/1 Boxing Day Treble? That's Coral for You!

A 10/1 treble for Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United to win on the Boxing Day is on offer at Coral!

Back Djokovic to win the Aussie Open at 4/1!

Coral are offering a 4/1 price for Djokovic to win the Australian Open for a limited amount of time, so get on quickly!

Value Betting - Guide for Beginners

Basic concepts of value betting, reasons for and against and few advices for the newbies.

How to pick a draw in betting

Or at least how to pick a match with high draw probability…

Betting strategies for the NBA

When you do bet games, the three basic ways to do it are; betting the moneyline, the point spread or the over/under. The most important thing to know when betting is that you are using the best strategy possible for the particular game you are playing.

Roland Garros 2011 Betting Preview ( Part 2)

We are continuing to work and dig deep so we can bring you closer with this magnificent event that is coming up soon. Here we will emphasis opportunities of players ranked from 11th to 20th place on the official ATP rankings and look more into their chances of digging deep in this years tournament.

Sports Arbitrage Betting Guide

Term explanation, arbitrage in theory, how it looks in practice and different types.

Handicap betting - what you have to do in order to prepare properly

Afraid of taking handicaps? You shouldn’t be and I hope you will change your attitude after reading this article.