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General rules

  1. Metabetting agent program is a partner program between Metabetting as an official SBOBET association and any player who wants to start earning by attracting other players. 
  2. After applying to become an agent the user is provided with account credentials by us. The agents can act as regular players (make bets, deposits and withdrawals), and additionally can earn of bringing new players.
  3. Each user is only allowed one account in SBOBET.
  4. The player must be 18+ years old.
Levels of % profit of a MetaBetting partner:
  1. Anyone can become an agent and his/her earnings will amount to 10% of our profits of the players he/she has brought in.
  2. The agent will be able to go to the second level of the program after the amount of deposits of the brought in bettors is $500. After the transition to the second level of the partnership program, the agent earnings will be 25%.
  3. The agent will be able to go to the third level of the program after the amount of deposits of the brought in players is $5000. After the transition to the third level of the partnership program, the agent earnings will be 40%.
Agent panel / Agent earnings
  1. Metabetting agent program works according to the Revenue Share model.
  2. Agent's income equals to the sum of deposits of the attracted players who made at least x3 rollover of their deposit, with the deduction of the sum of cashed out winnings, and multiplied by your % rate.
  3. The calculation of earnings of agent's referrals is made at the end of each month by its results.
  4. The results of the previous month will be updated and displayed in Personal Betting Agent panel in agent profile during the first week of the current month.
  5. The funds earned by the agent program are transferred to agent's SBOBET account by the agent request in Personal Betting Agent panel.
  6. Funds earned by the agent program are not considered a deposit and can be withdrawn by the agent upon request.
Deposit / Withdraw
  1. Deposits can be made in any amount without limitation.
  2. All deposits and withdrawals are made only with our online support.
  3. Withdraw request is possible not earlier than in a week after the last deposit.
  4. Withdraw requests are accepted and processed on Mondays. 
  5. Withdrawal is only possible after the x3 rollover of the deposit plus bonus if any. The bets must have a minimum of 1.5 odds (europian odds), otherwise the stake will be deducted according to how low the odds was. Odds rule relates only to rollover that must be passed, you still can bet on games that have odds < 1.5 and it will not effect your potencial earning in any way, the only thing is you will need to make more bets before you will be able to withdraw your winnings. The rule exists to combat potencial cheaters. 
  6. Each user can withdraw up to 3 times more than his last deposit in any given week and up to 10 times more in a month. More winnings can be withdrawn in an upcoming month/week. For example, if you deposit 1000$, bet and win 20000$ you will be able to windraw only 3000$ in one week, 12000$ more during a month (3000 $ every week) and anyhing else you will receive during a next month. The rule is necessary for us to keep an ability to pay to every user that we have. 
  7. The 50% bonus to the deposit is a temporary promotion without specific time limits and apply only to the very first deposit. 
Please note, that we, as an SBOBET official Association, act under the Terms and Conditions of SBOBET and cannot violate them in any way.