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Do you know how to beat the bookies?

Why don't you join our Tipster League and get the chance to win the cash prizes!


Quite simple actually.

  1. Sign up on the site
  2. Start to write tips
  3. That's it! Off you go!

By signing up and posting your first pick you are on your way to win the cash prizes.

The only downside is that there are a couple of rules you need to follow.


Please Read Rules Carefully

  1. Tips are set on your own choice accordingly to the offer in tipster software.
  2. Tipsters profiles are being updated during the 24 hours after the game was held. Points affect tipsters profile only for the games running on the current month. So basically, if your tip is for the game which will be held during the next month, point for this tip will be counted on the next month only.
  3. Minimum odds are 1.40 and there are no limits on maximum odds, but the greatest possible gains per tip cannot be greater than 30.00. You should take into consideration serious tips so that there are not unreal high stakes for high odds. Odds are taken from bookmakers that are given in the script.
  4. Set serious tips and not setting all tips/bets to be 10/10. You cannot put similar type of tips for one match (e.g. final score without handicap and final score with handicap). If you set single, final sum of submitted unit for one match can be 10/10. So, if someone wants to play more different tips on one match, final stake cannot be more than 10/10, e.g: "victory of team A 6/10" or "totals number of points on the match 4/10".
  5. For every miss with stake 9/10 or 10/10, the loss will be counted double, which means -18 or -20. If someone, during the month, has three missed tickets with stake 10/10, or five missed tickets with stake 9/10, he will be automatically disqualified from the contest.
  6. Minimal allowed stake is 3/10 and less than that can be used twice the most during a month to odds @3.00 and bigger, except in the last three days of each month when stakes 1/10 and 2/10 are not allowed at all. During the last three days, it is not allowed to post and identical pick, which another tipster has already posted, and this way we would like to prevent unsportsmanlike defense of gained point advantage. What is considered an identical pick is a completely same pick, in all elements, so ML pick and handicap, or over 2.5 and over 3.5, cannot be considered the same and are allowed any day in a month. With this, we would like to point out that this contest is a long-term process and that it cannot be resolved in two or three days, so everyone has a legitimate right to defend their profit with allowed means because they earned it with previous work.
  7. Your tip should be set at least one hour before beginning of the event, and the link to the analysis from the portal will be automatically set in the corresponding topic on the forum. You have to have at least 30 words in your analyses, and minimum per month has to be 10 analysis/reports for every tipster. Tipsters who don't fulfill this minimum requirement can’t qualify for any rewards or prizes.
  8. It is forbidden to do copy/paste of analysis from other forums and portals, even with the slightest changes. Such tips will be deleted and members that give them will be off the tipster list.
  9. The software automatically calculates the profit and this will be the basis for deciding the order in the end of every month to rank and judge the tipsters.
  10. Tips can be taken from the automatic offer, and if there are no tips there, you should search for the tip so that the script can automatically offer suggestions based on the given query. If you cannot find an event even after that, you can look at the complete offer for the next 10 days. If then you cannot find what you want, you can add one of your own. Only bets on sports events are allowed, only on current matches and not on potential matches or events that could happen if the certain condition is fulfilled before in a way of the previous realization of a result that did not happen before the time of certain pick. Bets on long-term events are not allowed as well (for example, who will win the championship, who will win the tournament, who will be the best goal-scorer on a championship or tournament, etc.).  
  11. Three best-ranked tipsters, in the final order, will be rewarded by payment on their account. Total monthly fund of rewards is €100 and three five contestants will be rewarded in the following order:

    1st place - €50
    2nd place - €30
    3rd place - €20

    Prizes will be paid to your Webmoney, Skrill or Paypal account depending on your preferences.

  12. In the case of any changes in these regulations of this Rules Book, tipsters will be notified via e-mail.
  13. Starting from April 2017, besides our regular prizes, top 5 tipsters of each month are also rewarded with instant 200% deposit bonuses to their SBOBET accounts! 


    All the winners will be provided with account credentials to access and use their bonus. 

    Max amount of bonus received for top 5 tipsters of a month:

    1st place - $200
    2nd place - $100
    3rd place - $100
    4th place - $50
    5th place - $50


    The bonus can be used only after user's first deposit. For example if you deposit 5 USD, you will receive 15 USD on your acc. The user will be able to withdraw money after 12 x rollover.