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Fantasy Leagues are hot items and before any season starts fans rush to get leagues created and get their friends involved. Of course these fans are going to put some money into the pool so they can win bragging rights and their friends money but Fantasy Football makes watching football more exciting. You'll become attached to your pics and start watching matches that you might have never watched before. This article looks at some of the most popular fanstasy leagues for football around. Some are large with the number of users and of course it is nice to have a chance to play for some new gadgets or for money.

Official Fantasy Premier League

Fantasy Premier League

Fantasy Premier League is certainly one of the largest fantasy leagues around for football but for prizes it isn't the best but certainly a great system put together that let's you connect with your mobile phone. First prize is a VIP trip for two to a Barclays Premier League match where the winner can select their team to watch. The winner gets two tickets, two nights in a hotel and £250 in spending money plus a pre-match meal. Not bad at all. The monthly prize is for the manager of the month and they win a digital camera, an mp3 player and a Premier League replica kit of their choice.


Sky Sports

Sky Sports Fantasy Football

Sky Sports is of course a major broadcaster of football matches of the Premier League and they always draw a lot of players into their fantasy leagues. It is free to play with £25,000 first prize, £3000 each month and £1500 each week given away.


UEFA Fantasy Football

UEFA Fantasy Football

Champions League is truly the pinnacle of football, next to the World Cup and Euro Cup but every year fans can count on some strong competition and great football matches which come to a final championship match. The UEFA Fantasy Football league issponsored by Playstation so of course the prizes are a PSPgo, a PS3 and a Sony Bravia TV with the new Playstation Move controller.


Yahoo UK Fantasy League

Yahoo Fantasy League

Although no prizes appear to be visible on the site, Yahoo have been doing leagues for a long time and you can create one with any sport you can think of. This is a good way to create your own league with a group of friends and let your group set the rules. Of course we know you're going to place a few bets on the line and this is the real reason why anybody joins a Yahoo Fantasy League.


Telegraph Fantasy Football

Telegraph Fantasy Football

This league costs money but it is hosted by the Telegraph so that means it will have a huge following. It costs £3 to join at the moment and the best part is the iPhone application. With the iPhone app you can manage your team and check your league position. 


Metro Fantasy Football

Metro Fantasy Football

The Metro also has a league of their own and this one is serious. They have a champions league fantasy and the prizes are big with £30,000 to be won. You can also create mini leagues for just you and your friends.

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