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Understanding Point Spreads


When you consider betting on basketball and football, you need to understand point spreads if you need to maximize of your return.

Generally, you need to know how point spread works.

The point spread is a handicap placed for betting purposes and gives both teams an equal change of winning.

For instance, when two teams meet on a basketball court or playing field, it is likely that one team is better than the other.

This would give the bettors an easy task of selecting the best team and collecting money. With the use of point spreads, it helps both teams to have an equal chance of winning.

How does point spread work?

Point spread gives an equally chance of both teams winning. For example, sportsbooks and bookies create point spreads for both teams to be attractive.

For example, let’s take a look at two teams – Jacksonville and Atlanta. Jacksonville has a point spread of -10 and Atlanta has a point spread of +10.

Usually the favorite team is shown with a negative sign while the underdog is shown with a positive sign.

Jacksonville -10 
Atlanta +10

Therefore, if you are betting on the favorites (Jacksonville), this would mean that they would have to beat Atlanta by more than 11 points thus it shows as a negative sign.

Literally meaning that, total score less 11 points for a win. Suppose the favorites beat Atlanta by 24-17, all Jacksonville bettors will lose because they failed to beat the underdog by 10 points or more. However, Atlanta bettor would win because they were not beat by 11 points or more or more.

If the Jacksonville was to win by 10 points this would mean that there is a tie or a push and all bettors are refunded. Therefore, with point spread betting in football and basketball, the favorites would have  to cover the point spread to win.

Thus, when you are wagering, you bet that the favorites will win by more than 10 points or if you are wagering on the underdog, you bet that they will lose by not more than 10 points.

Therefore, the bets to consider include straight bets, parlay bets, teaser, and others. In straight bets, all you have to do is select any one team to win the game. Parlay bets is a number of straight bets combined into a single bet.

Thus, in your parlay, all bets would have to win or tie/push, if any team fails to cover the spread then you get to lose the parlay/the entire amount wagered. However, if the games tie and rest win, you win the parlay.

After you have understood point spreads, you certainly have to understand the various types of bets as well as betting systems available. Sport betting is very interesting and it can act as an investment plan. With the perfect betting systems, you will get to build your bankroll.