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Have you already tried any kind of a mobile betting application? If no, keep on reading and you will learn everything you need to know about mobile betting. If you`ve already got such an app on your phone, we have some useful advice for you to use it to the best advantage.

In the past, to place a bet, a gambler had to go to the bookmaker`s and to wait in line, which as a rule took much time. But today, you can put your stakes via the Internet from everywhere. Sure, using a computer for placing bets involves a wide range of advantages, but still you need to go to your office or home or any other suitable place, where there is some kind of a table, electricity and Internet access. With mobile betting applications, the only thing you need to put stakes is a mobile phone connected to the Internet. So, now it is much easier to find time to have a look at the odds and money lines and to put bets, since you can do it whenever you have a couple of free minutes, e.g. while waiting for a taxi or an elevator to arrive. As a result, you can place more bets during the day and get more money.

Here are some other advantages of putting stakes via a mobile phone:

  1. Keeping abreast of the latest news. You can watch the odds around the clock and check the news as often as you wish so that to put stakes in the most advantageous moments. Besides, you can have a look at your balance at any time and find out about your gains and losses promptly.
  2. Live betting. No doubt, that is the biggest plus of mobile betting apps. You can watch a game in the sports bar or in the stands and place bets simultaneously. So, you can follow the events and take advantage of that. 
  3. Saving time. It will take you about a couple of minutes to place a bet via a mobile phone. You do not need to wait for your computer to get ready to work and to get connected to the Internet; your mobile phone is switched on all day long.
  4. Cashing out easily and fast. You do not need to go to a bank or to find a computer to get cash any more. You just need to send a corresponding request using your app, e.g. the Paddy Power free bet app, and you will be able to receive money in a couple of minutes.

As you can see, mobile betting apps are the tools that can make your life easier and boost your profits. Still, there are some pieces of advice that you had better look through before starting to use one.

# 1 Have a look at all the apps on offer to choose the most suitable one or ones. Before downloading and starting to use an app, be sure to familiarize yourself with all the apps available. Find out about their functions, terms of use, privacy policy and other aspects crucial for you. Sure, you do not need to limit yourself to using one app only. You can (and even should!) install several ones. In such a case, you will have an opportunity to choose the most favorable odds before placing your stakes.

# 2 Take advantage of the bonuses. Most bookmakers offer a good selection of bonuses and other promotions. Use them to try your hand at using apps, so that you get accustomed to the peculiarities of their operation. Besides, you can use such «free money» to find out whether a particular app suits your needs and preferences without making deposits and spending real money. Many betting websites offer their own lists of best bonuses for top bookmakers, which will surely come in handy for novice bettors.

# 3 Install a tips app and a prediction app. In addition to the apps that allow you to place bets, such as Paddy power mobile applications, there are apps that can help you make more money from betting. Tips apps evaluate the bets you plan to place taking into account a wide range of factors, such as odds, money lines, etc. As for prediction apps, they can provide you with forecasts based on the statistics, recent events (e.g., the players` injuries) and other relevant information. Tips and prediction apps can be real life-savers for those, who do not have much experience placing stakes. However, even experienced players need a piece of advice from time to time. No doubt, such apps can be extremely useful in the situations when you need to make a decision as quickly as possible and do not have enough time to analyze the situation yourself. The software can do everything for you, and it will take less time.

# 4 Make sure your device and account are safe. It seems to be obvious that you should always watch your phone, but in case you use it for placing bets you should be even more vigilant. If someone lays his hands on your phone he will be able to get access to your accounts and money. Sure, you should also make every step to prevent anybody from obtaining access to your accounts via the Internet. So use difficult-to-guess passwords and keep them secret, do not visit any suspicious-looking websites and avoid downloading the files from unverified sources.

# 5 Plan your bets. When you have an opportunity to place bets at any time, you may get tempted to place them all day long without properly thinking over. It may lead to serious losses. So, it is advisable to set some limits (i.e. to decide how much money you can bet a day) and to stick to them. In fact, setting such limits is a must, unless you want to go bankrupt. 

# 6 Take into account the differences between computers and mobile devices. Today`s mobile devices and computers do not differ significantly in functions. Still, mobile devices are smaller in size, which means their screens display less information and their buttons are more difficult to press. So, before placing a stake, it is advisable to scroll the page up and down so that to make sure you do not miss any important details. If you have any problems with pressing the buttons because they are too small, use a touch pen or other tool to do that. Keep in mind that placing bets you risk real money, so you cannot be too careful.

So, if you take the tips listed above seriously and put your stakes after careful consideration only,  betting apps will become an effective earning tool for you.

The conclusion

Mobile betting applications have become a worthy alternative to the betting software designed for computers. As you can see above, such apps possess numerous advantages and make the process of placing stakes easier and more enjoyable. So, why not to try mobile betting right away?

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