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Things have been going rather well for us so far in the World Cup and the good news is that our pre-tournament bet on Germany being the highest-scoring team is now looking very good after that crushing 7-1 victory the team achieved against Brazil the other day, so we simply can't complain about anything right now. However, there are still two matches to be played and these two matches are indeed the most important matches of them all. With that, let's not waste any time – it will be needed for the actual analysis, after all.

Brazil vs Netherlands

The two teams that are going to face each other on Saturday Bet 365 bonus will be very disappointed about what happened, but let's be honest here, guys – the Dutch won't be in the same ruins as the Brazilians will. The question is obvious – are Brazil going to bounce back from the heavy defeat and play superb attacking tennis that is going to blow everyone away? Or are they going to let the entire nation down yet again by under-performing against the Dutch? Well, it's really hard to answer that question, but betting has never been about clear-cut answers, so let's take a look at the odds and everything, as that's what should help us with the final decision.

What stands out straight away to us is that the bookies are expecting a high-scoring match, which is reflected in the total goals lines. However, what's the actual reasoning behind that? Well, the Brazilians have plenty of attacking flair and the same can be said about the Dutch, who are led by the excellent Arjen Robben.

Brazil vs Netherlands

On the other hand, this isn't a friendly match, so the focus will be on defence yet again. The Dutch have been surprisingly steady in that department throughout the tournament and they kept the Argentinians out for the entire duration of the match, so there's plenty to be said about their skills in that area. Meanwhile, the Brazilians will be reluctant to open their back line after what happened against Germany, as the number one thing is to avoid yet another humiliation on the biggest stage in the world. With all that in play, this match could easily be rather low-scoring, so we're going to back the Under 3 Goals selection at 1.98 @ Pinnacle.

Germany vs Argentina

No underdog has made it through to the finals this time around and that's slightly disappointing, as it would be very refreshing to see someone new having a real chance of winning the trophy. Thankfully, Germany have already delivered some much-needed refreshments in the semi-finals – and they're the team that we're going to back in the finals, as we like them much more than the Argentinians, who seem to lack that little bit of extra in our eyes.

Messi is great, we'll give you that, but the Germans will know how to keep him away from their penalty box and, going forward, their direct approach should work well against Argentina, who have looked very uninspired so far in the tournament. They were slightly unlucky against the Dutch in the semi-finals, as they probably deserved to win within the regular time, but, apart from that, they've done absolutely nothing to separate themselves from the pack. And, unfortunately, an uninspired performance just won't do in the finals.

There's been plenty of talk about how the 7-1 win will lull the Germans into a false sense of security, but we're buying none of that, as it seems ridiculous to believe that a team wouldn't be absolutely motivated in the World Cup finals. Nope, that's just strange, isn't it? If anything, the 7-1 win will give them plenty of confidence in their attacking forays, as they now know that they have goals in their players – they just need to keep banging on the door and something is going to go in eventually.

Moreover, it's hard to believe that the Argentinians will be able to get past the organized defence the Germans have, especially if they are going to feel the after-effects of their long struggle against the Dutch. The European side will be fully fresh and rested, as the players didn't have to work extremely hard in their match against Brazil and as they also have an extra day off compared to Argentina. The conditions will be extremely tough and the mounting pressure is going to affect both teams, but we fancy the Germans to eventually edge the thing, so we're going to back them inside the regular time at 2.39 @ Pinnacle. It will be tight and we can't expect any fireworks from either of the two teams, who've done some superb defending over the last couple of days, but the Germans have all the small factors on their side and that should decide the matters in our opinion.