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Who is the best soccer player in the world? Every football fan or expert is likely to have a different opinion. Indeed, there are so many outstanding football players and each of them has his strong points. Besides, new soccer stars appear every day. So, you may get puzzled what players and teams to cheer for or stake on. To stay on top of things, visit Besides, you can find thousands of useful betting tips and guides on the Internet, so you can learn all the necessary information on betting for free without leaving your home. Here you will find all sorts of informative articles on sports events and sports betting.

As you know, despite the lack of some skills and experience, young players can have a significant influence on the results of matches and, consequently, on the positions of teams in the table.

# 1 Gianluigi Donnarumma.

This young Italian goalkeeper is considered to be one of the most promising in the world. In 2015 he became the youngest goalkeeper to participate in a Seria A match. And in 2016 he set another record, he became the youngest glovesman to play for the Italy national team. Sure, this is not a complete list of his achievements and records. Today this young sportsman plays for FC Milan, which tells volumes about his potential. As for his style of play, experts note that he has good physical and leadership abilities. Besides, the list of his good points includes large reach and frame, deftness, as well as calmness. No doubt, he needs to improve some aspects of his technique, he is only 17, after all. Still, even today one can say for sure that this sportsman is likely to go far.

# 2 Franco López.

This young striker comes from Argentina. He plays for the football club River Plate. He joined the first team of the club not so long ago in 2015. Still, he has already managed to score several goals for his team. Soccer experts and coaches consider him to be promising enough. He is called 'Dinho' due to the fact that his technique resembles that of the football star Ronaldinho. Over time we will see whether his career will be as successful as that of the famous Brazilian.

# 3 Tahith Chong.

He is a new player of the football club Manchester United. Due to his skills and potential, this football player attracted the attention of the representatives of the famous club a couple of years ago, when he was a player of Feyenoord. In 2016 he moved to Manchester United. No doubt, the fact that he has been offered a contract with such a great club proves that this sportsman has enormous potential. It is not surprising that he plays for the Netherlands national team, too. He has already scored several goals for it. As for his position, he usually plays as a left winger. Still, he can also act as an attacking midfielder or a right winger.

# 4 Niklas Dorsch.

This 18-year-old sportsman is the rising star of the German club Bayern Munich. He usually plays as a defensive midfielder. One should note that he is versatile enough, he can act as a deep-sitting or an advanced playmaker, as well as a box-to-box player. That is one of his strong points. Besides, he is good at distributing a ball. Experts claim that he has everything it takes to become an outstanding defender. Sure, there is some room for improvement. However, if he keeps on working hard, he will definitely go far.

# 5 Youri Tielemans.

He has established a new record as the youngest Belgian player to compete in the UEFA Champions League. He was only 16, when he made his debut in the league. He plays for the football club Anderlecht and he has already appeared in more than 100 league matches. As a player of this team he has won a number of prestigious trophies. He was also recognized to be Belgium's Young Footballer of the Year in the season 2013/2014. As you can see, the midfielder does his best to prove himself and to build a great career.

# 6 Raheem Sterling.

Although this young player is not so well-known today, he is likely to gain world-wide fame in the near future. As for the details of his career, he signed his first professional contract with Liverpool in 2010. He played more than 100 matches for this club. Due to his outstanding playing skills and commitment, he drew the attention of the representatives of the football club Manchester City. In 2015 he moved to the club mentioned, the transfer fee reached £49 million. That is a substantial sum of money. No doubt, this fact proves that this sportsman has the skills and potential required to become one of the world`s top soccer players. One should also mention that in 2014 he received the Golden Boy award as the most prominent under-21 European player. If to speak about his strong points, they are pace, flexibility and dribbling skills.

# 7 Martin Odegaard.

At the beginning of his career, Martin Odegaard played for a number of local teams, including the one co-founded by his father, a former soccer player. One should note that in most cases he trained with and competed against sportsmen, who were older than he. But through it all he managed to prove himself. It is not surprising that he has been invited to play for the Norwegian national team. Besides, due to his physical abilities and brilliant technique, he has attracted the attention of the representatives of Real Madrid. The transfer fee reached € 4 million, not bad for a 16-year-old boy. Sure, he set a record as the youngest debutant of the club.

# 8 Max Meyer.

The sportsman started his career playing for local clubs. Still, due to his talent and skills, he was noticed by Schalke managers. One should say that he has managed to make a good showing, which has drawn the attention of other clubs. However, he has made the decision to stay with Schalke. As for his international career, Meyer has honorably represented his country in a number of championships. He has also been chosen to captain the Germany Olympic team in 2016. Besides, due to the fact that he managed to score the maximum number of goals in the UEFA European Under-17 Championship in 2012, he was named the Golden Player.

# 9 Anthony Martial.

At the beginning of his professional career, the French footballer played for the club Lyon. At the age of 17 he was invited to AS Monaco. Playing for this team he has managed to make more than 10 goals and has proven to be worth playing for the world`s greatest teams. In 2015 he signed a contract with Manchester United, it costed more than £ 30 million. Besides, the fee can rise up to £ 60 million under certain circumstances. That is a record fee if to take into account the fact that this sportsman is a teenager. Martial has managed to score a goal in his very first match for the new club. Besides, in his first month in Manchester United, he was named the Premier League Player of the Month. If to speak about his performance in the season 2015/2016, one should note that he has made more than ten goals and earned the approval of the club`s managers. Hopefully, he will continue to improve his technique and will become a football star one day.

# 10 Lee Seung-woo.

Today “Korean Lionel Messi” plays for the famous club Barcelona. Before joining this club, he played for Incheon United, one of the top football clubs of the South Korea. He attracted the attention of Barcelona managers after he had been recognized to be the top scorer in the Danone Nations Cup in 2010. He has managed to earn the reputation of being one of the best players attending La Masia. In 2016 he was allowed to appear in official matches. So, in the near future we will probably witness his new triumphs.

# 11 Carles Alena.

This young Spanish player is very good at scoring goals. Do you remember his impressive performance in the UEFA Youth League in the season 2015/2016? He has made quite a fuss. Although he plays for Barcelona B, he is often invited to train and to play with the first team. Besides, one can say for sure that he has great leadership skills, he has captained almost all the teams he has played for. As for his style of play, it resembles that of Messi. No doubt, Barcelona managers value him so much for a reason.

# 12 Borja Mayoral.

This young sportsman plays so well that he has managed to win the praise of legendary Zinedine Zidane, who is currently a manager of Real Madrid. The last-mentioned highlights that the youngster does his best to make a goal every time he is in possession of a ball. He joined this club in 2007 and ensured his place in Real Madrid Castilla by scoring multiple goals for Juvenil "A". As for his career in Real Madrid B, he has managed to score almost 20 goals in the season 2014/2015, which has convinced the club`s managers that he is worth playing for the first team. So he was offered such an opportunity. Today, he plays for VfL Wolfsburg, he has been loaned to this club for the season 2016/2017. Sure, he has been representing his country as a player of the national team.

These are only some of young players snapping at today`s football stars` heels. There are a lot of other youngsters, who are expecting the offer to sign a contract with one of the world`s top clubs every minute. All of them are set to build a brilliant career and to leave a mark in the soccer history.

The conclusion

There are so many soccer teams and players that are worth your attention. Every season we learn about new promising sportsmen, who only start working  their way up from the bottom. The list presented above includes youngsters from all over the world, who have already managed to impress football scouts and managers and to become the players of the world`s top clubs. No doubt, if you are a football fan or a sports bettor, it will be interesting for you to watch their development, since they will definitely make a difference to the positions of their clubs in the league tables in the future. Keep that in mind while placing bets.